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Why Play Football?
Junior Football

Football is a fun, safe and totally inclusive team sport. Find out why one in two children across the nation are playing the world game.


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Senior Football

More than 16,000 people play Senior competitive football around the state. Whether you are interested in Premier League or Reserves, there is a competition near you.

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Player Pathway

The player pathway is designed to ensure that all Queenslanders have the chance to improve, learn and develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required from the Skills Acquisition Program and PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues through to State and National representative teams and playing professionally.

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Social Football

Whether you are looking for a fun way to stay fit and active or want to join a team with your mates, social football is for everyone.

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Futsal is a small-sided version of football played worldwide on a smaller pitch and mainly indoors. Played between two teams of five, Futsal comprises opportunities for both social and competitive players to improve their skills, fitness and have fun.

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